EV Charger Installation Services in Toronto

Already have an EV Charger ? Bracer EV will install it for you!

Bracer EV

The Ontario Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program ensures that you get 50% back on your expenses for the charger & the installation. Bracer EV will help you claim your rebate as part of the work. 50% of the purchase cost, up to $500 + 50% of the installation cost, up to $500 (a maximum value of $1,000)

EV Charger Installation Services

Bracer EV provides ev charger installation services for EV approved charging stations. A certified licensed electrician will come to your home or business and install the charging station so you are ready to get your new Tesla EV vehicle on the road!

Bracer EVEV Charger Installation

Here’s what you get with our EV Charger Installation Service:

  • Includes installation of EV approved charging station by a certified licensed electrician
  • Professional & Same Day EV Charger Installation Service
  • We will supply and run 40 feet of wire from your electrical source to the charging station.
  • Includes completion of the rebate process. We fill out the forms and submit the paperwork on your behalf.
  • Hassle Free for you so sit back let us handle your concerns.

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