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Electric Vehicle Chargers Installation in Toronto

Bracer EV provides EV approved charging stations with ev charger installation services for Homes & Businesses in GTA. Now that you have a ev charger, we can help you with the installation no matter the type! Whether it is a Tesla, Chevy Volt, Chevy Bolt, Volkswagen Golf, Nissan Leaf EV or another make, we can complete the ev charger installation. A certified licensed electrician will come to your home or business and install the charging station so you are ready to get your new EV vehicle on the road!

Here’s what you get with our EV Charger Installation services:

Bracer EVEV Charger Installation
  • Includes installation of EV approved charging station by a certified licensed electrician.
  • We will supply and run 40 feet of wire from your electrical source to the charging station.
  • Includes ESA Inspection (you need this to claim your rebate)
  • Includes completion of the rebate process. We fill out the forms and submit the paperwork on your behalf.

The Ministry of Transportation will rebate up to $1,000 back to the EV vehicle owner. This covers half the fees to purchase, set up, and inspect your charging station.

Benefits of EV Charger Installation on your Property

  • Tenant attraction and retention

Offering charging is a direct way for property owners and managers to attract and retain tenants who own electric cars. Hosting a EV charging station is a highly visible way to exemplify a building’s or property management company’s environmental values.

  • User Charging and Parking Fees

Charging-station hosts have the opportunity to generate revenue directly from people who use the EV charging station’s services.

  • Employee Attraction and Retention

Buildings or companies that offer charging may be able to attract and retain employees who want to charge EVs during the day. In addition, it can be very important to many employees, even those who do not drive EVs, that their building or employer is proactive with transportation planning.

  • Advertising Opportunities

Every time that an EV driver visits a charging station, there is an opportunity to advertise. A station host could advertise its own products or services in this way, or sell advertising space to another organization.

  • Value of Avoided Carbon Emissions

With a growing number of local and regional carbon-reduction policies, charging station owners may be able to benefit from the value of carbon emissions offset by their stations.

EVs also reduce the emissions that contribute to climate change and smog, improving public health and reducing ecological damage. Charging your EV on renewable energy such as solar or wind minimizes these emissions even more.

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle ?

A Level 2 charging system is recommended for EV charging at home. Level 2 charging stations cost approximately $600 from manufacturers, but you will see slightly cheaper and more expensive options available in the marketplace.

In addition to purchasing an EV charging station, there are EV Charger Installation Toronto fees. Installation fees can start at $400 depending on the setup of your home and the electrician providing the service. Electricity prices in your area will determine what you pay for the energy you use to charge your vehicle.

  • Assuming you pay near the national average of $0.11 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), adding 75 miles to a Nissan Leaf would cost less than $3.00.
  • The Tesla Model S, which has a range exceeding 250 miles in several trims, would cost closer to $5 for a range of 125 miles and $10 for a full battery from zero.


Government rebates are available for both commercial and home chargers. In Ontario, the government covers 50% of EVSE and installation costs up to $1000.

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